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Digital Garden

Welcome to my digital garden!

If you’re new to the idea, this digital garden is basically a place for me to keep notes about software development. It’s a personal reference website. The goal is to save myself time in the future, to make it easy for me to return back here & look up information. I think these pages are really helpful and I hope you like them too.

I won’t consider these pages to be untouchable articles. As I learn more, I’ll come back and edit these pages — often without notice. My blog posts, on the other hand, are about my experience or thinking at the time that they are published. I consider blog posts to be frozen at the time they are published. If I edit a blog post, I’ll include an “Update” section at the top of the post.

I will share my notes even when I don’t have expertise on the topic. This is a place for me to explore public learning. I am pretty good at learning & then summarizing what I’ve learned. I bet that will be helpful for others too.

I will listen to feedback and plan on leaving comments enabled.

I have two asks for visitors to my garden:

  1. Your input is valued so please give it with constructive criticism.
  2. If you like my content, link to it instead of copying it.

Something that makes my digital garden special is my unique career trajectory. I started a career in software development in 2000 — and worked for about 6 years. Then I took a 15-year break, mostly to be a stay-at-home dad. Fast-forward to 2021 and I’m training to return to my career. However, there really isn’t a market for the training materials I need. Everything is rightly geared toward beginners. I’m one of few people who have professional software development experience — and is also taking beginner dev courses. That puts me in a pretty unique position to review those materials. One of my goals with this digital garden is to share those insights.

And… I really like the name! I do grow a vegetable garden at home with the family. Let’s hope we get some yummy tomatoes and peppers from this garden!

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